Feeding time for a baby hedgehog

Feeding time for a baby hedgehog

With 73 hedgehogs getting ready for release next month at Shepreth Wildlife Park, one little hedgehog is desperately looking for love.

‘Valentine’ aptly named by Hospital Manager, Natasha Ennew, was brought to the Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital after he was found disorientated during the day in someone’s garden. On arrival the hedgehog was not only diagnosed with ringworm and mites, but he was also riddled with internal parasites too.

With several spines and fur missing, this little chap is surely not looking at his best, and is being quarantined from all the others. Due to his long-term treatment, this spiky garden favourite will not be able to go for release with the others, and will be certain to join the lonely hearts club until he is well enough to be released safely later in the year.

“I have a soft spot for this poor little fella and even took him home with me for the first few days to monitor his condition. It is such a shame he won’t be able to be released along with the others, as it will take some time for his fur and spines to grow back now.” Natasha Ennew, Hospital Manager.

Not all the male animals will be alone this Valentines however, keepers at the wildlife park received confirmation of a female red squirrel which will be arriving from The Red Squirrel Conservation Trust via Banham Zoo. The female will be introduced to the resident males on Valentines Day. The boys have been on their own since the previous female was given to the Anglesey red squirrel release project last year. It is hoped the introduction on Valentines Day will produce offspring later this year for the Conservation Trust.

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