Wildlife Conservation and SWCC

Hugh Warwick - Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity patron and author

The charity was established in March 2011 to help fundraise for important conservation work both home and abroad. The organisation raises funds and educates visitors about species which are threatened with extinction, and also plays a major role in providing funds for the on-site Hedgehog Hospital.

The work of the charity is only made possible through the generous support of donors, fundraisers and volunteers who support the project. And we’re proud to have Hugh Warwick as our patron.

SWCC aims

  • A magnificent tiger - without wildlife conservation many species will become extinctTo improve animal welfare and the conservation of British fauna and flora.
  • To improve animal welfare and conservation of fauna and flora of endangered species around the world.
  • To educate the general public about British fauna and flora, endangered species around the world and the local environment.
  • To provide grants to individuals and organisations to allow them to further the aims shown above.