If you can, provide a natural feature such as a compost heap or log pile to create a cosy area for hedgehogs to nest, whilst simultaneously encouraging insects the hogs can feed on. If this is not possible you can provide a ready-made house for your spikey visitors. Read more below!

Hedgehog Nests

During the daytime hedgehogs need somewhere safe to sleep, and overwinter when they hibernate they make an even warmer nest called a hibernacula.

Natural nests can range in size and are made under sheds, shrubs and bushes, piles of leaves and logs, compost and even rubbish heaps. They will use natural materials such as grass, moss, straw, plants, leaves, and all sorts of garden debris to build their nests. They will pull all this material into their nest to make it warm and cosy. You can help them in your garden by leaving some nice thick dense undergrowth, piles of leaves, and grass at different lengths.

If you think there’s not enough natural material or overgrown areas for a hedgehog to make a home themselves in your garden, you can help by providing a ready-made home for them!

Hedgehog Houses

If you would like to provide a hedgehog house in your garden, you can buy one or make your own!

Download Features of a Good Hedgehog House

Pop your new hedgehog home in a sheltered, quiet area, and if you provide food make sure it is a little distance away from the house to avoid attracting pests near your hedgehogs sleeping zone.

Here are some examples of hedgehog houses that have very happy residents!